No. 038


No. 038

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47 Frith Street, Soho

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Same as No. 037


Same as No. 037



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some of his work very good

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ARMY AND NAVY. / LIKE and TURNER, at their New Cabinet and Upholstery Warehouse; No. 47, Frith-Street, Soho, most respectfully acquaint the gentlement of the Army and Navy, and agents for Regiments, that they supply on the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms, every article useful and convenient for the camp and cabin, on the most approved plans, viz. / For the CAMP. / MARQUEES and TENTS of every degree, folding bedsteads of various constructions, with musquato and other hangings, mattresses, blankets, sheets, counter-panes, coverlids, bell-tends, camp-colours, drum-cafes, haversacks, napsacks, water stalkes, tin kettles, canteens, folding tables, chairs, stools, writing conveniences, and sundry useful articles. / For the CABIN. / SEA COTTS, with hangings and bedding of every degree, folding dining tables, swinging, horizontal, dressing, and writing tables, Captains pantries, wardrobes, and all kinds of cabinet and upholstery furniture, made in a proper manner to suit the different climates. / N.B. A great assortment of cabinet furniture ready made, elegant inlaid and variegated tables, &c. &c. entire new pattern chairs, and every other kind of household furniture.

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