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No. 013

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Golden A, No. 43, Drury-Lane

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DIRECTIONS for using the MARKING INSTRUMENTS, By His MAJESTY's Letters Patent, granted to the Inventor I. MOORE, Letter-Founder and Printer, at the Golden A, No. 43, Drury-Lane, LONDON. / HAVING fixed the Letters in the cafe, lay your Linen, &c. smooth on the Cushion; then take a little of the Colour out of the Bottle with the Wire and put it on one of the Balls, then pat the Balls together till it is regularly distributed; then one of the Balls should be gently patted on the Letters, so as compleatly to cover the Surface with the Colour, but not to go into the Cavities; and lastly press the Letters down on the Linen, &c. with your hand. / When Paper or Parchment is to be printed, it should be dampened a little with a Spunge.—Observe, when you ave done marking, to clean the Letters before you lay them by, either by washing them with a Brush in Soap and Water, or wiping them with a piece of Woollen; the Balls need only be wiped with paper. / N.B. Let your Linen be clean washed before it is marked, then wearing it dries in the Colour. Table Linen, &c. which is not worn on the Body, should be dried by the Fire for one Day, and it will stand washing and boiling the next, if you are careful not to rub on the Mark the first Time it is washed.


Directions for using the Marking Instruments, By His Majezty's Letters Patent, granted to the Inventor I. Moore, Letter-Founder and Printer, at the Golden A, No. 43 Drury-Lane.

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